[openstack-qa] Logging issues --nologcapture

Attila Fazekas afazekas at redhat.com
Sun Dec 2 15:11:11 UTC 2012

Hey All,

Looks like now the gates logs errors related to the negative tests, in the past you just see something similar to:
'No handlers could be found for logger "tempest.common.rest_client"'

Looks like it found a handler and logging to the stdout.

The devstack-gate contains the nologcapture since the beginning? .  Would it cause any issue, if this option removed ?

I expect, in this case we wont see ERROR -s related to 'ok' tests.
The failed test case's erros log would be displayed at the end of the tests.

Best Regards,

The boto versions was restricted because of workaround related to an old boto pip install build step.
Now automatically the wrong version not expected to be chosen.

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