[Openstack-operators] [Openstack-sigs] Capturing Feedback/Input

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Sep 21 19:24:32 UTC 2018

On 2018-09-21 12:55:09 -0500 (-0500), Melvin Hillsman wrote:
> Yeah unfortunately we do have a tendency to overthink/complicate
> things. Not saying Storyboard is the right tool but suggested
> rather than having something extra to maintain was what I
> understood. There are at least 3 things that were to be addressed:
> - single pane so folks know where to provide/see updates

Not all OpenStack projects use the same task trackers currently and
there's no guarantee that they ever will, so this is a best effort
only. Odds are you may wind up duplicating some information also
present in the Nova project on Launchpad, the Tripleo project on
Trello and the Foobly project on Bugzilla (I made this last one up,
in case it's not obvious).

> - it is not a catchall/dumpsite

If it looks generic enough, it will become that unless there are
people actively devoted to triaging and pruning submissions to
curate them... a tedious and thankless long-term commitment, to be

> - something still needs to be flushed out/prioritized (Public
> Cloud WG's missing features spreadsheet for example)

This is definitely a good source of input, but still needs someone
to determine which various projects/services the tasks for them get
slotted into and then help prioritizing and managing spec
submissions on a per-team basis.

> - not specific to a single project (i thought this was a given
> since there is already a process/workflow for single project)

The way to do that on storyboard.openstack.org is to give it a
project of its own. Basically just couple it to a new, empty Git
repository and then the people doing these tasks still have the
option of also putting that repository to some use later (for
example, to house their workflow documentation).

> I could very well be wrong so I am open to be corrected. From my
> perspective the idea in the room was to not circumvent anything
> internal but rather make it easy for external viewers, passerbys,
> etc. When feedback is gathered from Ops Meetup, OpenStack Days,
> Local meetups/events, we discussed putting that here as well.

It seems a fine plan, just keep in mind that documenting and
publishing feedback doesn't magically translate into developers
acting on any of it (and this is far from the first time it's been
Jeremy Stanley
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