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Tue Sep 18 02:26:57 UTC 2018

 ---- On Sat, 15 Sep 2018 02:49:40 +0900 Zhipeng Huang <zhipengh512 at gmail.com> wrote ---- 
 > Hi all,
 > Follow up the diversity discussion we had in the tc session this morning [0], I've proposed a resolution on facilitating technical community in large to engage in global reachout for OpenStack more efficiently. 
 > Your feedbacks are welcomed. Whether this should be a new resolution or not at the end of the day, this is a conversation worthy to have.
 > [0] https://review.openstack.org/602697

I like that we are discussing the Global Reachout things which i personally feel is very important. There are many obstacle to have a standard global communication way. Honestly saying, there cannot be any standard communication channel which can accommodate different language, cultures , company/govt restriction. So the better we can do is best solution. 

I can understand that IRC cannot be used in China which is very painful and mostly it is used weChat. But there are few key points we need to consider for any social app to use?
- Technical discussions which needs more people to participate and need ref of links etc cannot be done on mobile app. You need desktop version of that app.
- Many of the social app have # of participation, invitation, logging restriction. 
- Those apps are not restricted to other place.
- It does not split the community members among more than one app or exiting channel.

With all those point, we need to think what all communication channel we really want to promote as community. 

IMO, we should educate and motivate people to participate over existing channel like IRC,  ML as much as possible. At least ML does not have any issue about usage. Ambassador and local user groups people can play a critical role here or local developers (i saw Alex volunteer for nova discussion in china) and they can ask them to start communication in ML or if they cannot then they can start the thread and proxy for them. 

I know slack is being used for Japan community and most of the communication there is in Japanese so i cannot help there even I join it. When talking to Akira (Japan Ambassador ) and as per him most of the developers do communicate in IRC, ML but users hesitate to do so because of culture and language. 

So if proposal is to participate community (Developers, TC, UC, Ambassador, User Group members etc) in local chat app and encourage people to move to ML etc then it is great idea. But if we want to promote all different chat app as community practice then, it can lead to lot of other problems than solving the current one.  For example:  It will divide the technical discussion etc


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