[Openstack-operators] IMPORTANT - future of ops meetups!

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Mar 28 07:59:45 UTC 2018

Chris Morgan wrote:
> You've probably see the thread about possibly combining ops meetups
> with PTG to make a new broader event. Here is a rough draft of what that
> would actually look like:
> *"Monday and Tuesday are cross-project days where ops are welcome to
> attend SIG and other discussions, and if not interested can be travel
> days or whatever for them. Then Wed-Thurs are the two tracks/events
> where the ops folks have what has traditionally been done for ops
> meetups. Then Friday is a travel day or ops can stick around to follow
> up with dev-side things
> that they weren't able to get to over the week or wanted to follow up on."*

Yes traditionally we have tried to roughly organize the time, to focus
the first two days on horizontal / cross-project / guild / SIG work, and
the next three days more on vertical work. But that is more of a rough
guideline than a hard rule: the constraints of available space make that
division a bit fuzzy. For example in Dublin, Manila has been asking to
avoid being scheduled at the same time as Cinder, and got scheduled to
Tuesday and Friday.

So while it's very likely that the traditional Ops meetup sessions would
happen on Wed-Thu, don't plan travel just yet ! Once we know how many
rooms we have, which groups want space and for how many days, we'll work
on a more precise allocation.

> Thanks to Sean McGinnis for proposing this to get the ball rolling. This
> would mean there's a "normal" ops meetup for two days on days 3 and 4 of
> this combined event, with the option of attending earlier (days 1 and 2)
> if you want to contribute to dev/ops/openstack community sessions (e.g.
> SIGs), and possibly also staying a 5th day.

It's also worth noting that it is possible for groups to book additional
meeting spots outside the pre-allocated time and space. If some work
groups realize they would like to meet on Monday to get work done,
that's definitely possible. It all appears on the dynamic event schedule
to make it easy to see what's going on.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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