[Openstack-operators] Request for [ideas][help wanted] with OpenStack tooling

Pablo Iranzo Gómez Pablo.Iranzo at redhat.com
Fri Mar 16 07:12:01 UTC 2018

+++ Pablo Iranzo Gómez [14/03/18 22:22 +0100]:
>Hi all,
>Apart of some updates above what Robin mentioned in December (Now: 170+ plugins, ansible
>support, checks across different systems, web interface, json output,
>pip package, container, etc) we're starting to add support for Debian-based distributions.
>Would it be possible for you running OSP on Debian (or even regular
>Debian/Ubuntu/etc) installations to contribute a 'sosreport' (yes you
>can install sosreport tool on Debian*)  ?
>If so, would you mind attaching them at
>Or reply to us with the url for us to download?

Sorry, forgot to add that if you're running on top of CentOS/Fedora it
will be also great to get them.


>Thanks a lot!
>PD: In case you're interested we've #citellus channel on freenode and
>mailing list at citellus-dev at redhat.com
>+++ Robin Cernin [01/12/17 15:39 +1000]:
>>This is my second time reaching out to this ML. We are all having same
>>ultimate goal guys. Fixing the problems as soon as possible.
>>Back then in June (SUBJ:OpenStack logs Health Validator) we had rough
>>version, now we are reaching 6 months and we have done 75 scripts
>>(currently) checking things not only in OpenStack deployment.
>>What I am looking for from you is if you would be please so kind and take a
>>look, create issues what you think would be the best to bring this tool to
>>a higher level.
>>75 scripts so far having output to JSON planning on adding Web front-end.
>>From last OpenStack Australia Group Meetup here in Brisbane I got some
>>feedback on adding configuration options so one doesn't have to re-type all
>>the things and instead use config file.
>>We have all documentation you can imagine including templates:
>>How to Contribute:
>>Templates: https://github.com/zerodayz/citellus/tree/master/doc/templates
>>Writing Tests: https://github.com/zerodayz/citellus/blob/master/TESTING.md
>>Presentation in reveal-md:
>>How to Review code:
>>We are now mainly focused on RPM distribution but we could add multiple
>>distros, we are also discussing the possible way of integrating this with
>>Ansible and it's playbook so we could use them too.
>>if you are interested please create issue, code(see How to Contribute),
>>join discussion in github.
>>Thank you!
>>Robin Černín
>Pablo Iranzo Gómez (Pablo.Iranzo at redhat.com)          GnuPG: 0x5BD8E1E4
>Senior Software Maintenance Engineer - OpenStack           iranzo @ IRC
>RHC{A,SS,DS,VA,E,SA,SP,AOSP}, JBCAA        #110-215-852    RHCA Level V


Pablo Iranzo Gómez (Pablo.Iranzo at redhat.com)          GnuPG: 0x5BD8E1E4
Senior Software Maintenance Engineer - OpenStack           iranzo @ IRC
RHC{A,SS,DS,VA,E,SA,SP,AOSP}, JBCAA        #110-215-852    RHCA Level V
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