[Openstack-operators] Poll: S Release Naming

Paul Belanger pabelanger at redhat.com
Tue Mar 13 23:58:59 UTC 2018

Greetings all,

It is time again to cast your vote for the naming of the S Release. This time
is little different as we've decided to use a public polling option over per
user private URLs for voting. This means, everybody should proceed to use the
following URL to cast their vote:


Because this is a public poll, results will currently be only viewable by myself
until the poll closes. Once closed, I'll post the URL making the results
viewable to everybody. This was done to avoid everybody seeing the results while
the public poll is running.

The poll will officially end on 2018-03-21 23:59:59[1], and results will be
posted shortly after.

[1] http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/reference/release-naming.rst

According to the Release Naming Process, this poll is to determine the
community preferences for the name of the R release of OpenStack. It is
possible that the top choice is not viable for legal reasons, so the second or
later community preference could wind up being the name.

Release Name Criteria

Each release name must start with the letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet
following the initial letter of the previous release, starting with the
initial release of "Austin". After "Z", the next name should start with
"A" again.

The name must be composed only of the 26 characters of the ISO basic Latin
alphabet. Names which can be transliterated into this character set are also

The name must refer to the physical or human geography of the region
encompassing the location of the OpenStack design summit for the
corresponding release. The exact boundaries of the geographic region under
consideration must be declared before the opening of nominations, as part of
the initiation of the selection process.

The name must be a single word with a maximum of 10 characters. Words that
describe the feature should not be included, so "Foo City" or "Foo Peak"
would both be eligible as "Foo".

Names which do not meet these criteria but otherwise sound really cool
should be added to a separate section of the wiki page and the TC may make
an exception for one or more of them to be considered in the Condorcet poll.
The naming official is responsible for presenting the list of exceptional
names for consideration to the TC before the poll opens.

Exact Geographic Region

The Geographic Region from where names for the S release will come is Berlin

Proposed Names

Spree (a river that flows through the Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin states of

SBahn (The Berlin S-Bahn is a rapid transit system in and around Berlin)

Spandau (One of the twelve boroughs of Berlin)

Stein (Steinstra├če or "Stein Street" in Berlin, can also be conveniently
       abbreviated as ­čŹ║)

Steglitz (a locality in the South Western part of the city)

Springer (Berlin is headquarters of Axel Springer publishing house)

Staaken (a locality within the Spandau borough)

Schoenholz (A zone in the Niedersch├Ânhausen district of Berlin)

Shellhaus (A famous office building)

Suedkreuz ("southern cross" - a railway station in Tempelhof-Sch├Âneberg)

Schiller (A park in the Mitte borough)

Saatwinkel (The name of a super tiny beach, and its surrounding neighborhood)
           (The adjective form, Saatwinkler is also a really cool bridge but
           that form is too long)

Sonne (Sonnenallee is the name of a large street in Berlin crossing the former
       wall, also translates as "sun")

Savigny (Common place in City-West)

Soorstreet (Street in Berlin restrict Charlottenburg)

Solar (Skybar in Berlin)

See (Seestra├če or "See Street" in Berlin)


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