[Openstack-operators] How are you handling billing/chargeback?

Tomáš Vondra vondra at homeatcloud.cz
Tue Mar 13 09:03:21 UTC 2018


We at Homeatcloud have rolled our own engine taking data from Ceilometer events. However, CloudKitty didn‘t exist back then. Now we would probably use it to calculate the rating AND roll our own engine for billing and invoice printing.



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Hi lars, personally using an internally crafted service.

It’s one of my main regret with Openstack, lack of a decent billing system.

Le lun. 12 mars 2018 à 20:22, Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars at redhat.com> a écrit :

Hey folks,

I'm curious what folks out there are using for chargeback/billing in
your OpenStack environment.

Are you doing any sort of chargeback (or showback)?  Are you using (or
have you tried) CloudKitty?  Or some other existing project?  Have you
rolled your own instead?

I ask because I am helping out some folks get a handle on the
operational side of their existing OpenStack environment, and they are
interested in but have not yet deployed some sort of reporting


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