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Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 23:15:38 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Welcome to the topic selection process for our Forum in Vancouver. Note that
this is not a classic conference track with speakers and presentations.
OpenStack community members (participants in development teams, SIGS, working
groups, and other interested individuals) discuss the topics they want to cover
and get alignment on and we welcome your participation.

The Forum is for the entire community to come together, to create a 
neutral space rather than having separate "ops" and "dev" days. Users should
should aim to come with ideas for for the next release, gather feedback on the
past version and have strategic discussions that go beyond just one release
cycle. We aim to ensure the broadest coverage of topics that will allow for
multiple parts of the community getting together to discuss key areas within
our community/projects.

There are two stages to the brainstorming:

1. Starting today, set up an etherpad with your team and start 
discussing ideas you'd like to talk about at the Forum and work out 
which ones to submit - just like you did prior to the design summit.

2. Then, in a couple of weeks, we will open up a more formal web-based 
tool for you to submit abstracts for the most popular sessions that came 
out of your brainstorming.

Make an etherpad and add it to the list at: 

One key thing we'd like to see (as always?) is cross-project 
collaboration, and discussion between every area of the community. Try 
to see if there is an interested working group on the user side to add 
to your ideas.

Examples of typical discussions that include multiple parts of the 
community getting together to discuss:

  * Strategic, whole-of-community discussions, to think about the big
    picture, including beyond just one release cycle and new technologies
      o eg Making OpenStack One Platform for containers/VMs/Bare Metal
        (Strategic session) the entire community congregates to share
        opinions on how to make OpenStack achieve its integration engine
  * Cross-project sessions, in a similar vein to what has happened at
    past design summits, but with increased emphasis on issues that are
    of relevant to all areas of the community
      o eg Rolling Upgrades at Scale (Cross-Project session) -- the
        Large Deployments Team collaborates with Nova, Cinder and
        Keystone to tackle issues that come up with rolling upgrades
        when there's a large number of machines.
  * Project-specific sessions, where developers can ask users specific
    questions about their experience, users can provide feedback from
    the last release and cross-community collaboration on the priorities
    and 'blue sky' ideas for the next release.
      o eg Neutron Pain Points (Project-Specific session) --
        Co-organized by neutron developers and users. Neutron developers
        bring some specific questions they want answered, Neutron users
        bring feedback from the latest release and ideas about the future.

Think about what kind of session ideas might end up as: 
Project-specific, cross-project or strategic/whole-of-community 
discussions. There'll be more slots for the latter two, so do try and 
think outside the box!

This part of the process is where we gather broad community consensus - 
in theory the second part is just about fitting in as many of the good 
ideas into the schedule as we can.

Further details about the forum can be found at: 

Mike Perez (thingee)
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