[Openstack-operators] Ops Community Documentation - first anchor point

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Jun 28 22:19:55 UTC 2018

> > Plan
> > ----
> > So to recap above, I would propose the following actions be taken:
> > 
> > 1. Create sig-operators as a group to manage operator efforts at least related
> >    to what needs to be done in repos.
> > 2. Create an openstack/operations-guide repo to be the new home of the
> >    operations documentation.
> One correction to this - that repo already exists. It has been retired, so I
> think the action here would just be to "un-retire" the repo and get things
> updated to start publishing again.
> > 3. Create a new StoryBoard project to help track work in these repos

Update on progress for this:

Step 1

For step 1, the reason for creating a SIG is there is a policy that anything
publishing to docs.openstack.org is owned by some sort of official team. I had
proposed an Operator SIG (https://review.openstack.org/578408) but Thierry
rightly points out that the scope of the way I proposed it is perhaps a little
too broad. I wanted to leave room for ownership of other non-documentation
efforts, but perhaps that is not the best plan.

I can change that, but I think the better approach right now is just to see if
the UC is willing to be the owners of this repo since they are already the
owners for a few others:


I will propose that soon.

Step 2

I have gone through the infra steps to unretire the openstack/operations-guide
repo and set up docs build jobs to run on proposed patches and a publishing job
to publish merged patches to docs.openstack.org. That should give us
https://docs.openstack.org/operations-guide/ once we merge an update.

I've also restored the content by pulling the latest out of the
openstack-manuals repo just prior to when it was removed. Sorry, but I was not
able to preserve the git history for all of it, but I do not the source of the
content in the commit message:


We've updated the "core" group that has rights to merge patches for that repo
and Melvin has sent out an email to see if any of the existing members still
want to be involved. Hopefully we can regrow that list over time.

Step 3

I do still need to look into the StoryBoard project creation. This is lower
priority than the other tasks, but I will try to get to this step soon.


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