[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] [nova] increasing the number of allowed volumes attached per instance > 26

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Fri Jun 8 13:46:01 UTC 2018

> Some ideas that have been discussed so far include:

FYI, these are already in my order of preference.

> A) Selecting a new, higher maximum that still yields reasonable
> performance on a single compute host (64 or 128, for example). Pros:
> helps prevent the potential for poor performance on a compute host
> from attaching too many volumes. Cons: doesn't let anyone opt-in to a
> higher maximum if their environment can handle it.

I prefer this because I think it can be done per virt driver, for
whatever actually makes sense there. If powervm can handle 500 volumes
in a meaningful way on one instance, then that's cool. I think libvirt's
limit should likely be 64ish.

> B) Creating a config option to let operators choose how many volumes
> allowed to attach to a single instance. Pros: lets operators opt-in to
> a maximum that works in their environment. Cons: it's not discoverable
> for those calling the API.

This is a fine compromise, IMHO, as it lets operators tune it per
compute node based on the virt driver and the hardware. If one compute
is using nothing but iSCSI over a single 10g link, then they may need to
clamp that down to something more sane.

Like the per virt driver restriction above, it's not discoverable via
the API, but if it varies based on compute node and other factors in a
single deployment, then making it discoverable isn't going to be very
easy anyway.

> C) Create a configurable API limit for maximum number of volumes to
> attach to a single instance that is either a quota or similar to a
> quota. Pros: lets operators opt-in to a maximum that works in their
> environment. Cons: it's yet another quota?

Do we have any other quota limits that are per-instance like this would
be? If not, then this would likely be weird, but if so, then this would
also be an option, IMHO. However, it's too much work for what is really
not a hugely important problem, IMHO, and both of the above are
lighter-weight ways to solve this and move on.


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