[Openstack-operators] Anyone using Adjutant?

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Apr 9 10:43:47 UTC 2018

Hello OpenStack Operators,

As the project lead for Adjutant I wanted to reach out and double check
how many clouds have deployed it and are potentially running it. I
believe the number is fairly small, and most of those I've probably been
in contact with, but wanted to also send this out in case anyone has
tried the service and is using it as well.

We're reaching out so we can hopefully work with you to preserve
backwards compatibility or a safe migration path as we move forward with
some large internal refactors. Until the service hits v1.0.0 we're
likely going to change quite a few things internally, but the API and
customer facing features shouldn't change much. Our hope is to work with
anyone deploying it to stay on top of our changes and make sure you're
not hit by the potentially breaking changes we need to make (policy
support, config rework, async task processing). We'll be tagging v0.4.0
soon and it should work as it does right now with no major changes to
the service or config at present. From there we'll start a more proper
change log and keep detailed notes about what deployers need to do as
they upgrade. The work we're doing will make certain elements of the
service much easier to deploy and configure, and add new features to,
but sadly requires us breaking some existing elements.

Catalyst Cloud is running it in production (fairly close to master most
of the time), so we will of course be careful that we avoid any breaking
changes from a customer facing perspective, and document what steps
we've needed to take during upgrades.

Please reach out if you are using it, and we'll make sure to keep you in
the loop as we potentially have to break things. :)

Adrian Turjak

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