[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] Ops Meetups team minutes + main topics

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Nov 22 09:16:05 UTC 2017

David Medberry wrote:
> I think the Foundation staff were very very wary of extending the PTG or
> doing dual sites simultaneously due to not saving a thing logistically.
> Yes, it would conceivably save travel for folks that need to go to two
> separate events (as would the other colo options on the table) but not
> saving a thing logistically over two separate events as we have now. A
> six or seven day sprint/thing/ptg would also mean encroaching on one or
> both weekends (above and beyond travel dates) and that may really limit
> venue choices as private parties (weddings, etc) tend to book those
> locales on weekends.

We also need to be careful with not restoring issues we had with the
old-style Design Summit. We want to avoid creating conflicts that would
reduce the productivity of the PTG (so running in parallel would be
dangerous). We also want to make sure the PTG remains a work event
rather than a feedback gathering event, as the start of the cycle is not
the best moment to introduce new priorities. That timing resulted in a
lot of frustration in the past.

Running the Ops meetup on the last days of the week before is one
option. That would let organizations save a bit on travel for people
that want to attend both (although hotel costs would increase with the
stay-over-weekend). My personal objection to that is that my brain
usually shuts down after 5 days of intense work, so I'm not looking
forward to that long week (or I would skip the Ops meetup to focus on
the PTG).

More generally I think we need to have that discussion in the broader
context of our event portfolio. What is the best way to have Ops meetups
in 2018, with increased participation from ops in Forums at summits and
OpenStack Days ? I feel like smaller, local events like OpenStack Days
were quite successful in reaching out to the silent majority of our
users that would not travel to a twice-a-year Ops Meetup. Should we
encourage more of that ? The Public Cloud WG/SIG managed to hold
discussions at various OpenStack Days as well... So we could encourage
having ops-centric discussions around local OpenStack Days, and then use
Forums at Summits as the funnel to close the feedback loop in those
discussions. That would reduce the need for a "big" twice-a-year Ops
Meetup and let us piggyback on already organized events...

Just thinking out loud...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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