[Openstack-operators] Multi-segment routed provider networks...

Chris Marino chris at romana.io
Wed Aug 30 13:48:30 UTC 2017

Hello operators, a few weeks back I posted here on this list
about a Meetup where I spoke about the work we were doing for routed
provider networks [slides
video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcSKQxzRnsU>].

Since then we've released updates to Romana to support multi-segment,
routed networks on top of standard flat or VLAN provider networks
configured by Neutrion.

We're working with some operators that are moving to an L3 spine/leaf
network design and want to launch VMs on any of the configured L3 networks.
Romana takes care of IPAM, route advertisement and microsegmentation so
that they can take their old (L2 VLAN) CIDRs and deploy them as
multi-segment routed L3 provider networks.

For example, if they previously ran four VLAN provider networks with /20
CIDRs. As trunked VLANs, a VM could be launched on any network. on any
host. No problem.  These new L3 provider networks will let them use the
same CIDRs and still let Nova launch VMs on any (isolated) CIDR, on any
host, without wasting IPs.  Traffic between the CIDRs can be steered
through an upstream device, just like a VLAN.

To be clear, these deployments do not use Neutron's experimental routed
provider network features. They simply run multiple L3 segments on a
standard Neutron (L2) provider network configured using the flat or VLAN
ML2 type driver.

There is still more work to do, but if anyone is interested in how all this
works, we've set up a demo cluster where you can launch VMs, and see how
things get configured. Send me an email if you want an account. Happy to
set you up.

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