[Openstack-operators] [User-committee] Non-Candidacy for UC Election August 2017

Jonathan Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Thu Aug 3 20:11:51 UTC 2017

Hello All,

It has been an honor and a privelege to serve on the OpenStack User
Committee.  As the longest serving member I feel it's time to make way
for the new and as such I will not be standing for ellection in the
current cycle.

If you have an interest in representing the interest of OpenStack
users please nominate yourself!

We do need candidates to serve and nominations are now open through
August 11, 05:59 UTC

Three seats (of five) are up for election. see

from that page:

Self-nomination is common, no third party nomination is required. They
do so by sending an email to the user-committee at lists.openstack.org
mailing-list, with the subject: “UC candidacy” by August 11, 05:59
UTC. The email can include a description of the candidate
platform. The candidacy is then confirmed by one of the election
officials, after verification of the electorate status of the


Jonathan Proulx
Sr. Technical Architect

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