[Openstack-operators] usage hours

Juanjuan Li jl044 at email.uark.edu
Wed Aug 2 21:56:13 UTC 2017

how does OpenStack calculate the vcpu hours, total disk usage hours

I created a cirros VM with the flavor of m1.tiny without further operation
on that VM.I created it around 2 hours ago but on the dashboard"Overview",
it shows that "This Period's VCPU-Hours: 44.95 This Period's GB-Hours:
44.95 This Period's RAM-Hours: 23014.62"

Does anyone know how OpenStack come up with these numbers?I mean
VCPU-Hours, GB-Hours, and RAM-hours?I just created a very small
cirros VM without any further operations.How can this number look so big?

Thank you very much.
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