[Openstack-operators] custom build image is slow

Van Leeuwen, Robert rovanleeuwen at ebay.com
Wed Aug 2 07:24:08 UTC 2017

> how do we install virtio drivers if its missing? How do I verify it on the centos cloud image if its there?

Unless it’s a very very ancient unsupported version of centos the virt-io drivers will be in the kernel package.
Do a lsmod and look for virtio to check if it is loaded.

Regarding the slower speed of the custom image:
First check if they are really the same file format and one is not secretly a raw file:
file centos.qcow2

I would expect the virt-sparsify to be indeed the way to go.
Although I think that cinder will convert it to raw for you and you probably want that for ceph (IIRC it is a setting).
It might be that the centos downloaded file is actually RAW so it does not need to convert that.

You can also check the cinder server debug log / load or ceph load to see if something is bottlenecked during the upload to maybe get a hint to what the problem is.

Robert van Leeuwen
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