[Openstack-operators] SDN for hybridcloud, does it *really* exist?

Jonathan Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Fri Sep 30 14:15:26 UTC 2016

Starting to think refactoring my SDN world (currently just neutron
ml2/ovs inside OpenStack) in preparation for maybe finally lighting up
that second Region I've been threatening for the past year...

Networking is always the hardest design challeng.  Has anyone seen my
unicorn?  I dream of something the first works with neutron of course
but also can extend the same network features to hardware out side
openstack and into random public cloud infrastructures through VM and/or
containerised gateways.  Also I don't want to hire a whole networking
team to run it.

I'm fairly certain this is still fantasy though I've heard various
vendors promise the earth and stars but I'd love to hear if anyone is
actually getting close to this in production systems and if so what
your experience has been like.



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