[Openstack-operators] Public cloud operators group in Barcelona

Blair Bethwaite blair.bethwaite at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 08:14:39 UTC 2016

Hi Matt,

I think your dot points make sense. And yes, I was thinking about Science
Cloud overlap. I see Science Clouds as potentially sharing most or all of
these attributes (with the notable exception being charging in terms of end
users seeing a $ figure, showback and/or instance/cpu hour quotas might be
used instead). However, Science Clouds are probably not accessible to the
general public but require membership in, or sponsorship from, some
community in order to get an account.

The specific problems you mention, rather than attributes of the deployment
models, are probably the best way to define this in a way that let's folks
determine their interest. The biggest difference seems to be that
commercial providers have no major interest in the lifecycle management of
customer infrastructure, whereas for Science Clouds turning things off and
cleaning up data is a policy issue that does not appear to have resulted in
any common tooling yet.


On 22 Sep 2016 6:35 PM, "Matt Jarvis" <matt.jarvis at datacentred.co.uk> wrote:

> Hey Blair
> Now you've done it ! OK, I'll bite and have a go at categorising that a
> bit :
> 1. Multi-tenant - tenants need clear separation
> 2. Self service sign up - customers on board themselves
> 3. Some kind of charging model in place which requires resource accounting
> 4. API endpoints and possibly management applications presented outside of
> your own network
> Not sure that entirely works, but best I can come up with off the top of
> my head. For commercial public clouds we have some very specific problem
> spaces in common - handling credit cards and personal information, fraud
> prevention, commercial modelling for capacity planning etc. Is where you're
> going with this that some of the science clouds share some of the
> attributes above ?
> Matt
> On 22 September 2016 at 00:40, Blair Bethwaite <blair.bethwaite at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> At considerable risk of heading down a rabbit hole... how are you
>> defining "public" cloud for these purposes?
>> Cheers,
>> Blair
>> On 21 September 2016 at 18:14, Matt Jarvis <matt.jarvis at datacentred.co.uk
>> > wrote:
>>> Given there are quite a few public cloud operators in Europe now, is
>>> there any interest in a public cloud group meeting as part of the ops
>>> meetup in Barcelona ? I already know many of you, but I think it could be
>>> very useful to share our experiences with a wider group.
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