[Openstack-operators] [ALL] Looking for participants in the Interop Challenge for Barcelona

Rochelle Grober rochelle.grober at huawei.com
Thu Sep 15 22:11:10 UTC 2016

Hey folks!

Do you know about the Interop Challenge?  Well, here's a way to learn about it and and participate if you like...

"The interop challenge was started in July 2016 to create a set of common workloads/tests to be executed across multiple OpenStack distributions and/or cloud deployment models. The participants in this challenge will work together to prove once and for all that OpenStack-Powered clouds are interoperable."

The WG (and lots of other interested folks) would like to see how many of our Cloud deployers, vendors, distros, etc can successfully deploy and run some very common apps to their clouds.  And we want to let the world know about how easy it is in Barcelona.

The WG started with a number of vendors to create some OpenStack apps that demonstrate the kind of workloads users want to run.  The team identified four or so and started implementing the apps.  Those apps are:

*         LAMP Stack

*         Docker Swarm

*         NFV
The  Ansible LAMP stack code can be found here:

And a Terraform version is here:

The Heat LAMP stack code is here:

The LAMP stack code is ready for Operators and other deployers and developers to take for a spin.  There are still some bugs and we are wringing out issues in the app as more clouds attempt to deoploy it.  But, you can file bugs on it, or file fixes, etc.

Mailing List discussions are happening on the defcore-committee mailing list.
IRC discussions are in openstack-defcore

Here is a bunch moreinfo on the challenge:

And here is how to share your results:

Come to the IRC meeting in #openstack-meeting-cp on Wednesday at UTC 14:-00 to ask questions.

Show the world that the OpenStack community not only has lots of clouds out there, but that they play nice together!!
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