[Openstack-operators] Generate list of default configuration parameters

Graeme Gillies ggillies at redhat.com
Wed Sep 7 22:51:18 UTC 2016

On 08/09/16 05:41, Dan Trainor wrote:
> Hi -
> Back in the day when I was using Puppet, I found it particularly useful
> to "ask" Puppet for a list of configuration parameters[1] to extract
> information on default parameters.
> Does the 'openstack' command or any related command have a similar
> invocation?  I am familiar with 'openstack configuration show' but the
> information I'm most interested in are defaults for values that would be
> populated in undercloud.conf - well before I could expect to use
> 'openstack configuration show'.
> Thanks!
> -dant
> ---
> [1] https://docs.puppet.com/puppet/latest/reference/config_print.html
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Hi Dan,

I assuming with your mention of the the python-openstackclient and
undercloud.conf that you are talking about TripleO in particular here.
Unfortunately at this stage there is no such integration for what you
request. If you are interested in all configuration options for
undercloud.conf, you can see them in

It's worth noting that the functionality you describe by puppet and what
is given in 'openstack configuration show' is slightly different as
well. Puppet aims to print/provide all possible configuration options
you might use in a server or agent configuration
(/etc/puppet/puppet.conf) while 'openstack configuration show' provides
high level overview of how the openstack cloud is configured including
api versions, auth urls, etc. It hasn't got the ability to provide or
interrogate specific components about all their potential configuration
options for their config files (at least, this is my understanding,
someone can correct me here).



Graeme Gillies
Principal Systems Administrator
Openstack Infrastructure
Red Hat Australia

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