[Openstack-operators] Database cleanup scripts?

Edmund Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 120 PARK) erhudy at bloomberg.net
Fri Sep 2 17:57:10 UTC 2016

Great post, thanks. nova is my primary target for cleanup (to get rid of deleted instances and virtual interfaces), the other databases are mostly okay.

From: matt at mattfischer.com 
Subject: Re: [Openstack-operators] Database cleanup scripts?

Hi Ed,

Good to meet you in NYC last week. And fortunate timing for the question, I just published a summary of my experiences here: http://www.mattfischer.com/blog/?p=744

I know that the Nova DB cleanup stuff was broken in the past, and IIRC you are on Kilo, so it may not work for you until you get to Liberty or later. The Cinder DB cleanup is broken on Liberty and I think also Kilo, you will need Mitaka for that or you could roll your own. Our largest DBs were heat and nova so that was my focus. 

On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 8:14 AM, Edmund Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 120 PARK) <erhudy at bloomberg.net> wrote:

Does anyone have any database cleanup scripts (especially for Nova/Cinder) that they are proud of and are willing to share? Googling around didn't turn up anything I felt was trustworthy; I found one in a GitHub Gist and stopped reading as soon as it disabled foreign key constraints.
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