[Openstack-operators] Problem in using ide disk_type and virtio network interface

shiva m anjaneya2 at gmail.com
Mon May 30 11:16:21 UTC 2016


I have an image with /dev/sda partitions (IDE disk type) and virtio network
interfaces. I loaded my image on Openstack  with followign command.

glance image-create --name <image-name> --disk-format qcow2
--container-format bare --property hw_disk_bus=ide --property
hw_vif_model=virtio --is-public True --file <file-path>

I am able to launch the instane from this image but my network interfaces
are not coming up.

if I do lspci, I can see network interfaces are of type *virtio*

Can anyone please help in this regard. Am I missing anything.

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