[Openstack-operators] scaling nova kvm and neutron l3-ha and ml2+openvswitch

Tobias Urdin tobias.urdin at crystone.com
Fri May 20 15:28:05 UTC 2016


I'm gonna give it a try here and see if anybody has a similar setup that
could answer some questions about scaling.
We are running Liberty with Nova with KVM and Neutron L3 HA and

* How many nova instances do you have?
* How many nova compute nodes do you have?
* How many neutron nodes do you have? (Network nodes that is hosting l3
agents, dhcp agents, openvswitch-plugin etc)
* What is your overall thought on the management ability on Openvswitch?
* What issue have you had related to scaling, performance etc?

Thankful for any data, I'm trying to give my employer real world usage
information on a similar setup.
Feel free to answer me privately if you prefer but I'm sure more people
here are curious if you want to share :)

Best regards

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