[Openstack-operators] [osops] Requests for Enhancement Process Meeting Notes

Joseph Bajin josephbajin at gmail.com
Mon May 2 18:44:38 UTC 2016

Hello Operators,

I wanted to provide some updates to the Requests for Enhancement Process
Operators Meeting that was held last week.

You can find the etherpad located here. [1]

The highlights of the meeting were the following:

- RFE's should be groomed by the Operators first before being sent over to
the product teams.
- Product Working group is working on methods to gather resources to help
with implementing enhancements.
- Could the OSOps Team go through the existing Nova Wishlist and use those
as the first set of groomed RFE's?
- This is going to be added to the OSOps agenda set for May 4th at 1900 UTC
in #openstack-meeting-4
- OSOps can work to find liaison's that can help bridge the communication
between Operators and Product Groups for particular enhancements.

There was lots of discussion back and forth about how the RFE's that
Operators provide can be worked into existing work streams.  There was
concern that the list of RFE's that Operators provided was immediately
going to be worked on, and this was not the case.  What the Operators group
would like to do is help provide a single voice and a single place that
Dev's and Operators can go to both receive and provide feedback.

Anyone with additional feedback or would like to help is welcome to join
the upcoming OSOps Meeting.



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