[Openstack-operators] best practice to manage multiple Data center using openstack

Saverio Proto zioproto at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 12:18:17 UTC 2016

Hello Jeff,

your question is very general.

as a general answer I can suggest to use a configuration management
system such as Puppet or Ansible to take care of the servers. It is
easier to keep stuff in different datacenter running the same version
of packages in this way.

I hope this helps.


2016-01-29 8:49 GMT+01:00 XueSong Ma <jeff_xsma at 163.com>:
> Hi:
> does anyone can tell me what are the best way or manage multiple DC using
> one openstack system?
> or the good reasons for it?
> We have sevel openstack env(multiple region), but its really difficult to
> manage them, python code, software update. etc.
> Thanks a lot!
> Jeff
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