[Openstack-operators] Announcing Debian Mitaka b2 packages with backports for Jessie and Trusty

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Thu Jan 28 12:08:15 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm delighted to announce the release of Debian packages for Mitaka b2.

Debian Experimental
I have uploaded it all to Debian Experimental. This is the only place
where you may find official packages. It will stay this way until Debian
Bikesheds (Bikesheds is what will be Debian's version of PPA) are
operational, or when Mitaka final is out, at which point all will be
uploaded to Sid, then to Jessie-backports.

Mitaka in Debian Stretch
As the Debian release team announced that Debian 9.0 (aka: Stretch) will
be frozen late in 2016, Mitaka will be the OpenStack release which I
will maintain in Stretch. Though, if before the release, we have working
Bikesheds, I will ask for the removal of all OpenStack stuff from Stable
and Testing, and will only maintain the last 2 stable releases in
specific Bikesheds.

Non-official Jessie and Trusty backports
All of Mitaka b2 is also available on the automatic Jenkins backport
build servers for Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty. The repository
addresses are described here:


and here:


Note: these are Mirantis sponsored servers to automatically rebuild
backports, but the source packages are the exact copy of what's in
Debian without any change.

If you use puppet-openstack, and would like to use Ubuntu Trusty as the
base OS, you need to install the puppet-openstack-debian-fact on all of
your servers, so that the Puppet scripts know that you're using Debian
style packages on top of Ubuntu. This way, puppet will know the
difference in Horizon, Nova & Neutron (the other packages are using the
same names). Alternatively, you can do it manually (same effect):

echo os_package_type=debian > /etc/facter/facts.d/os_package_type.txt

Also, note that the Trusty backports have been rebuilt entirely using
Debian packages. No source package available in this repository where
downloaded from Ubuntu (but from Debian), meaning that these packages
are fully redistributable as it pleases you, without modification or
rebuild, without any risk with the Ubuntu trademark problems [1] (of
course, remains the problem of redistributing the base OS... but I'm not
redistributing this myself!).

Included in this release
The following server packages are available:

* aodh
* barbican
* ceilometer
* cinder
* designate
* glance
* gnocchi
* heat
* ironic
* keystone
* manila
* mistral
* murano
* murano-agent
* neutron
* nova
* openstack-trove
* sahara
* senlin
* zaqar

I couldn't upload these to Experimental (as Horizon needs to support
Django 1.9 support), but packages are done and backported to both Jessie
and Trusty:
- horizon
- murano-dashboard
- designate-dashboard
- trove-dashboard
- sahara-dashboard
- senlin-dashboard

At this point, even though the package is functional, I have a working
Congress package, but I can't upload it to Debian due to its
"thirdparty" folder containing non-free files, such as windows .dll and
such. I hope upstream maintainers can fix that.
- congress

These were still not tagged for Mitaka b2, so I didn't package them yet:
- magnum
- manila-ui
- zaqar-ui

Report bugs
This is a preview, which hasn't been tested much. Bugs are to be
expected, just like it is in upstream code. So by all means, report bugs
to the Debian BTS [2] if you find any.

Thanks to so many people
I'd like to hereby thank everyone who helped this release to happen.
This includes, but not limited to: cdent which I annoyed with one
package, when the issue was really in Debian, Corey Bryant from
Canonical for continuing to co-maintain OpenStack Python modules
directly in Debian, folks from Telemetry who are always very helpful to
help me fix a few things. Thanks to anyone who helped closing bugs I've
opened. I'm sure I am forgetting many people who helped a lot.

No keyboard (or any other hardware) was hurt doing this release.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

[1] If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'd better urgently read
these blog posts from Matthew Garrett:

[2] https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting

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