[Openstack-operators] Storage backend for glance

Hauke Bruno Wollentin Hauke-Bruno.Wollentin at innovo-cloud.de
Wed Jan 27 15:04:11 UTC 2016

Hi Slawek,

we use a shared NFS Export to save images to Glance. That enables HA in (imho) the simplest way.

For your setting you could use something like a hourly/daily/whenever rsync job and set the 'second' Glance node to passive/standby in the load balancing. Also it will be possible to run some kind of cluster between the 2 nodes, like DRBD or GlusterFS (but that would be a bit overpowered maybe).


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I want to install Openstack with at least two glance nodes (to have HA) but with local filesystem as glance storage. Is it possible to use something like that in setup with two glance nodes? Maybe someone of You already have something like that?
I'm asking because AFAIK is image will be stored on one glance server and nova-compute will ask other glance host to download image then image will not be available to download and instance will be in ERROR state.
So maybe someone used it somehow in similar setup (maybe some NFS or something like that?). What are You experience with it?

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