[Openstack-operators] [nova] NOVNCProxy not starting when host ip set

Liam Haworth liam.haworth at bluereef.com.au
Mon Jan 11 02:32:58 UTC 2016

Hey All,

I've been setting up HAProxy on my hosts with a VIP and all was going well
with having all the service bind to the management IP ( and
HAProxy on the VIP (

Whilst reconfiguring nova's novncproxy I have set novncproxy_host to
$my_IP, if I restart the service I see no output in the logs and it doesn't
bind to its port (6080).

If I removing the setting it complains about "address already in use" which
makes sense because it would be trying to bind to

I have also added debug=true to the settings and it doesn't change anything
in the proxy's logs.

Liberty - Ubuntu 14.04
*Liam Haworth* | Junior Software Engineer | www.bluereef.com.au
*T*: +61 3 9898 8000 | *F*: +61 3 9898 8055
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