[Openstack-operators] Live migration neutron issues

Adam Dibiase adibiase at digiumcloud.com
Thu Jan 7 20:28:53 UTC 2016


I am having connectivity issues to instances after live migrating between
compute nodes. Scenario is as follows:

   - Start pinging instance IP
   - Send nova live-migration <instancename> <computenode>
   - Once nova reports the pause/resume on the new compute node after
   migration, ping replies stop
   - Instance migrates successfully and I can hit it via VNC console, but
   no network connectivity
   - If I live migrate it back to losing compute node, it will still NOT
   restore network connectivity
   - The only way to restore network is to nova stop/start or nova reboot
   - When the instance comes back up, I am able to hit it again on the new
   compute node

I have checked to see if the neutron port is showing the new
binding:host_id, ovs shows the correct port for instance on new compute
node, and no other errors present in the logs.

I am running Liberty with cinder FYI. Anyone else having similar issues?


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