[Openstack-operators] metadata server and NSX_v

Gianpiero Ardissono gp.ardissono at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 15:44:50 UTC 2016

Hello guys,

on my OpenStack Liberty I installed a vmware region with NSX_v plugin.

After a lot of setup time and many troubles I have this situation:

I deployed a new network of OpenStack and this network is mapped correctly
on the NSX .

I deployed a router on OpenStack and this is successfully deployed on
vSphere NSX .

I deployed an instance and this is correctly mapped to a vm of vSphere,
plugged on the correct network and has properly acquired the IP address
from DHCP .

The problem is that I did not find any solution about the metadata server

The VM, after the ip address acquisition, tries to contact the metadata
server at port 80, but this action failed.

On the kvm based region this situation is managed by qrouter (the
corresponding namespace on neutron server) with iptables and specified
routes forced on vm: this is not present on NSX configuration.

Please have you got a suggestion ?

Gp Ardissono
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