[Openstack-operators] [nova][neutron] What are your cells networking use cases?

Carl Baldwin carl at ecbaldwin.net
Fri Feb 26 18:47:23 UTC 2016

On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 4:21 AM, Belmiro Moreira
<moreira.belmiro.email.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks Carl for info about the DHCP plans.

Olá, Belmiro.

> Our DHCP concern is because currently the DHCP agent needs to be assigned
> to a network and then it creates a port for each subnet.

Right, this is a concern for me too.

> In our infrastructure we only consider a network with several hundred
> subnets.
> By default the DHCP agent runs in the network node however when using
> provider
> networks and segmentation the DHCP requests will not reach it.

Yep, that is the issue.

> My understanding is that the plan is to have the DHCP agent per segment.
> That is great.


> But it will continue to create a port per subnet?
> Looking into our usecase (only provided networks with segmentation) I don't
> see why it
> should create ports.

So, we'll need to look in to this.  It might be something we can look
at independently.  First, I'd like a little more information on your
"several hundred subnets."  Do you see these mapping to hundreds of
segments?  I guess what I'm after is "what do you envision will be
your ratio of subnets to segments?"


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