[Openstack-operators] glance-replicator

Edgar Magana edgar.magana at workday.com
Tue Feb 16 09:21:48 UTC 2016


Which version of Glance are you using? I am not able to reproduce your error message:

glance-replicator compare glance1:9292 glance2:12
[Errno -2] Name or service not known
Traceback (most recent call last):

Expected error but in your case it feels like a basic arguments construction issue in the code.

BTW. I tested with a old version of glance:

openstack-glance.noarch              2014.1.3


On 2/16/16, 12:24 AM, "Abel Lopez" <alopgeek at gmail.com> wrote:

>I'm trying to use glance-replicator, but it seems to be non-functional.
>glance-replicator help compare
>compare the contents of fromserver with those of toserver.
>    fromserver:port: the location of the master glance instance.
>    toserver:port:   the location of the slave glance instance.
>glance-replicator compare glance1:9292 glance2:9292
>glance-replicator: error: unrecognized arguments: glance2:9292
>Anyone have tips?

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