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Mike Perez mike at openstack.org
Sat Feb 13 08:59:42 UTC 2016

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SuccessBot Says
* dhellmann: [1] is live with release history and upcoming release 
* ttx:  Governance changes are now announced in #openstack-dev, to increase
   general awareness about them!
* jklare: Just merged the first batch of opentack-chef cookbook patches 
for the
   Mitaka cycle! 4.229 lines of code refactored and 18.678 lines removed!
* johnthetubaguy: Nova subteams starting to look after themselves, and
   effectively reporting their progress to the wider community
* All: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Successes

Dropping KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND - Plus Update Your Devstack Plugins
* Devstack has some half baked support for Keystone templated service 
* In an effort to clean up parts of Devstack, we're dropping that [2].
* This breaks everyone's Devstack plugin that references the
* This variable will be kept around until Newton development opens up.
* Full thread: 

All Hail the New Per-region PyPI, wheel and APT Mirrors
* We have new AFS-based consistent per-region mirrors of PyPI and API
   repositories, with additional wheel repositories containing pre-built 
   for all the modules in global-requirements.
* You should not notice a difference, except jobs should be a bit faster and
   more reliable.
* Full thread: 

Release countdown for week R-7, Feb 15-19
* Focus: Project teams should be focusing on wrapping up new feature work in
   all libraries.
* Release Actions:
   - We will be strictly enforcing the library release freeze before 
Mitaka-3 in
     2 weeks.
   - Review client libraries, integration libraries, and any other libraries
     managed by your team, and ensure recent changes have been released.
   - Ensure global-requirements and constraints lists are up to date, with
     accurate minimum versions, and exclusions.
   - Projects using cycle-with-intermediary release model need to produce
     intermediate releases. See Thierry's emails for details [3].
   - Review stable/liberty branches.
     -- Submit patches to openstack/releases if you want them.
* Important Dates
   - Final release for  non-client libraries: Feb 24
   - Final release for client libraries: Mar 2
   - Mitaka 3: Feb 29-Mar 4 (includes feature freeze and soft string freeze)
* Full thread: 

Why WADL When You Can Swagger
* Continuing from previous update [4].
* Every build of the api-site is now running fairy-slipper to migrate 
from WADL
   to Swagger.
   - Those migrated Swagger files are copied to [5].
* Not all files migrate smoothly. We'd love to get teams looking at these
   migrated files. Thank you to those who have already submitted fixes!
   - If you see a problem in the original WADL when viewing [5], log it [7].
   - If you see a problem with the migration tool, log it [8].
* The Infra team is reviewing a specification [6] so that we can serve API
   information from developer.openstack.org.
* You can hop onto #openstack-doc or #openstack-sdks to ask nick annegentle
* Full thread: 

Tenant VS. Project
* Sean Dague brings up that OpenStack's use of tenant vs. project. Which 
are we
   transitioning to?
* Keystone is working towards allowing project_id in the service catalog 
* Neutron is transitioning to project_id now.
* The current Ansible OpenStack modules are using project [10].
* OSLO Logging/Context are using project.
* Full thread: 

Proposal: Separate Design Summits From OpenStack Conferences
* The OpenStack design summits originally started out as working events.
* The OpenStack summits growing more marketing and sales focus, the
   contributors attending are often unfocused.
* Some contributors submit talks for the conference, because their 
company says
   it's the only way for them to attend the conference.
   - Part of the reason for this is the cost of attending.
* Thierry Carrez (who helps organize the design summit) explains that he has
   been working a solution for separation of the summit and the conference
   himself, and the Foundation is finalizing a strawman proposal that 
will be
   pushed to the community for comments soon.
* Full thread: 

[1] - http://releases.openstack.org
[2] - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/278333
[3] - 
[4] - 
[5] - http://developer.openstack.org/draft/swagger
[6] - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/276484/
[7] - https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-api-site
[8] - https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-doc-tools
[9] - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/279576/
[10] - http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/list_of_cloud_modules.html#openstack

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