[Openstack-operators] DVR and public IP consumption

Carl Baldwin carl at ecbaldwin.net
Wed Feb 10 23:13:59 UTC 2016

On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 5:41 AM, Tomas Vondra <vondra at czech-itc.cz> wrote:
> Hi Carl,
> sorry for the late reply, but these links of yours expanded to about 12 tabs
> in my browser, most with serveral pages of text. "Given lots of thought" may
> be an understatement.
> Both the specs sound very resonable to me. The second one is exactly what I
> was saying here before. (Evidently I was not the first.) Why was it not
> accepted? It seems quite easy to implement in contrast to full routed networks.

All of those links are out of date.  As I mentioned to Neil in another
thread just now, I'm going to write a new spec for this based on the
current direction Neutron is taking.

> The work on routed networks will be beneficial mainly for large deployments,
> whose needs exceed the capacity of a few L2 domains. Small public deployers
> are working on the scale of tens of boxes, but hundreds of tenants. Each
> tenant gets a virtual router, which eats an IP. I only have 1024 IPs from
> RIPE and will probably get no more. If most of the tenants are small and
> only use a one or two VMs, I'm wasting up to 50% addresses and it is
> severely limiting my growth potential.

Understood.  I think it is about time we solved this.  Let's see what
we can get going in the rfe / spec process for Newton.

> I do not really understand why routed networks would be a prerequisite to
> using private IPs for router interfaces. I'm aiming at the last point from
> the Etherpad - Carrier grade NAT. Do you think that I could use the "Allow
> setting a tenant router's external IP" function and disable any checks if
> the specified IP is in the network defined as external? I already have a
> private subnet on the same L2 segment, that is NATted by the datacenter
> routers. The API is admin-only, so it would not create a risk. I would
> pre-create a router for each tenant and everyone would be happy. Floating
> IPs are taken care of at the compute nodes in DVR.

It isn't necessarily a prerequisite.  It has just been given more
priority and the work for routed networks will include a solution (at
least in part) for this.

I'm not sure that setting the router's external IP will work.  If you
decide to experiment, I'd be very interested in your results.  I think
we need a way to distinguish between two pools on the same network.
Find the post where I just replied to Neil and read that.  Hopefully
it makes sense.  This is exactly what I have mind currently and
hopefully can propose it as a spec or rfe soon.


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