[Openstack-operators] [glance] Image enters "killed" state on upload

Liam Haworth liam.haworth at bluereef.com.au
Tue Feb 2 23:05:18 UTC 2016

Hey All,

This sounds like an old bug after trying to google it but everything I
found doesn't really seem to help. I'm trying to upload a 2.5GB QCOW2 image
to glance to be used by users, the upload goes fine and in the glance
registry logs I can see that it has successfully saved the image but then
it does this

2016-02-03 09:51:49.607 2826 DEBUG glance.registry.api.v1.images
[req-5ba18ea3-5777-4023-9f85-040aca48dfa7 --trunced-- - - -] Updating image
03a920ce-7979-4439-ab71-bc3dd34df3d3 with metadata: {u'status': u'killed'}
update /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/glance/registry/api/v1/images.py:470

What reasons are their for it to do this to an image that just successfully


Liam Haworth.
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