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Kruithof, Piet pieter.c.kruithof-jr at hpe.com
Mon Sep 28 22:24:11 UTC 2015

Hi Tim,

Thanks for addressing some of the potential challenges around conducting
surveys on behalf of the community.

The research conducted by the OpenStack UX project, including surveys,
tend to focus on specific project needs rather than the overall direction
of the industry, which is captured by the bi-annual survey. The project
surveys generally require a fair amount of detail in order to enable the
project teams to make decision around product direction. As a result,
adding a few questions to the foundation¹s survey doesn¹t generate the
level of detail typically needed by each project. Also, any questions
added to the bi-annual survey are at the discretion of the user committee,
which is a concern for me.

In addition, waiting for a survey every six months would not allow us to
be responsive to the project research needs.

I agree with your concern with population fatigue and we would prefer to
conduct studies with a more focused sample rather than the overall
OpenStack community. For example, we may specifically focus on network
admins during one survey while focusing on other roles during another
study. In those cases, user/operators
have generally been willing to participate because the results should have
a tangible impact on their daily activities.

One recommendation would be to distribute a screener to the overall
community to identify the specific skills and focus of its members. The
user committee and project
teams could use the database created from the screener to identify
potential participants for the various research activities. The goal would
be to be more focused on how
we recruit participants rather than rolling out to the entire community.
It would also allow us to track and limit how often members are being
invited to participate in studies to avoid population fatigue. The
screener would also respondents to opt of being recruited for research

We¹ve asked in the past, but the user committee has not been unable to
provide anonymized data because of a policy within the foundation that
limits access to data to a handful of users. I don¹t dispute the need for
the policy, but summary statistics aren¹t helpful for conducting
statistical analysis. More recently, we¹ve asked for the raw data from the
operator job analysis survey because of its value in helping to drive
persona development, but have yet to hear back from the foundation.


Piet Kruithof
Sr UX Architect, HP Helion Cloud
PTL, OpenStack UX project

"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and

H L Menken

On 9/28/15, 12:42 PM, "Tim Bell" <Tim.Bell at cern.ch> wrote:

>I have started a thread on User-committee at lists.openstack.org so we can
>to find the right balance between ensuring the surveys are completed and
>meeting the needs for more detailed information for the projects.
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>> hi Tim,
>> it's not our intention to over-survey the community -- i apologise if
>> your takeaway. the user survey that just finished was aimed to gather
>> information regarding general OpenStack practices (one question being
>> assigned to each project).
>> the idea here is to have a dialogue between user and developers
>> regarding Ceilometer. creating this survey, the goal is to gather
>> information regarding each of the components of Ceilometer so we know to
>> 'work on component xyz of Ceilometer' rather than 'work on Ceilometer'.
>> please have a look at the survey at your own convenience and interest --
>> feedback is welcomed at any time. this will help the community
>> know what the use cases/gaps are.
>> On 28/09/2015 12:24 PM, Tim Bell wrote:
>> > There seems to be a lot of overlap with the user survey which has just
>> > finished.
>> >
>> > Feel free to get in touch on the User-committee at lists.openstack.org if
>> > you have questions to suggest to the survey or would like specific
>> > queries to be run on the anonymised data.
>> >
>> > There is a significant risk of over surveying the operator community
>> > and then we would lose all the valuable feedback.
>> >
>> > Tim
>> >
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>> >> Subject: [Openstack-operators] [ceilometer] OpenStack Telemetry user
>> >> survey
>> >>
>> >> Hello,
>> >>
>> >> The OpenStack Telemetry (aka Ceilometer) team would like to collect
>> >> feedback and information from its user base in order to drive future
>> >> improvements to the project.  To do so, we have developed a survey.
>> >> It should take about 15min to complete.
>> >> Questions are fairly technical, so please ensure that you ask someone
>> > within
>> >> your organization that is hands on using Ceilometer.
>> >>
>> >>       https://goo.gl/rKNhM1
>> >>
>> >> On behalf of the Ceilometer community, we thank you for the time you
>> >> will spend in helping us understand your needs.
>> >>
>> >> --
>> >> Gordon Chung
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