[Openstack-operators] deprecation of allow_duplicate_networks

Sam Morrison sorrison at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 05:07:29 UTC 2015

We are in the process of migrating to neutron and have come across this handy config option that is sadly being deprecated. (seems to be a theme of mine this week)
Does anyone know if this is supported in some other way?

We have limited IP addresses and ideally we’d like to prevent users from taking more than 1 per instance. I’m wondering if this should be a neutron setting and could be set on a per network basis. We’d like to prevent duplicates on our public provider networks but don’t care about the private tenant networks.

Anyone got any ideas or know of anything happening in this space?


               help='DEPRECATED: Allow an instance to have multiple vNICs '
                    'attached to the same Neutron network. This option is '
                    'deprecated in the 2015.1 release and will be removed '
                    'in the 2015.2 release where the default behavior will '
                    'be to always allow multiple ports from the same network '
                    'to be attached to an instance.',

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