[Openstack-operators] nova-neutron with vsphere

Miko Bello openstack at mikebeauty.com
Thu Sep 24 09:01:24 UTC 2015

Hi Folks,i would like to know if anybody has tried to implement a neutron solution with vsphere without using NSX-like solutions.
I mean, my lab environment is composed of :

 - 1 network node ( neutron )
 - 1 controller node
 - 2 compute node ( kvm)
 - 1 compute node linked to a cluster vsphere 6.0
i tried, without success ;( to deploy an instance on vsphere node with a network configuration of type VLAN; ( obviously, in this configuration,i have not the ambition of a ovs solution type :)  )
so my questions are: it's' possible to implement a network neutron solution of type VLAN ? if yes how can i do?
Thanks in advantage.
Miko Bello


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