[Openstack-operators] deploy nova cells with neutron network

Sha Li lisha2010hust at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 07:38:42 UTC 2015


I am try to test the nova cells function.
My test deployment consits of one api-cell node, one child-cell node and
one compute node.

api-cell node:  nova-api, nova-cells, nova-cert, nova-condoleauth,
child-cell node: nova-cells, nova-conductor, nova-scheduler
compute node: nova-compute

I found most deployment example is using nova-network with nova-cells. I
want to use neutron. So I had keystone , glance, and neutron-server,
neutron-dhcp, neutron-l3  shared between all cells and deployed all on the
api-cell node.

I encounterd similar problem as described in this bug report

When boot a new instance, nova-compute fails to get the network-vif-plugged
 notification and get time out waiting for the call back.
But on the neutron server side, it looks like the notification had been
successfully sent and get the 200 response code from nova-api server

I had to set
vif_plugging_is_fatal = False
Then the instnace can be spawned normally

I am wondering how people use neutron with nova-cells, is this going to
cause any trouble in large scale production deployment.


--- neutron server log file

2015-08-22 00:20:35.464 16812 DEBUG neutron.notifiers.nova [-] Sending
events: [{'status': 'completed', 'tag':
u'2839ca4d-b632-4d64-a174-ecfe34a7a746', 'name': 'network-vif-plugged',
'server_uuid': u'092c8bc4-3643-44c0-b79e-ad5caac18b3d'}] send_events

2015-08-22 00:20:35.468 16812 INFO urllib3.connectionpool [-] Starting new
HTTP connection (1):

2015-08-22 00:20:35.548 16812 DEBUG urllib3.connectionpool [-] "POST
/v2/338aad513c604880a6a0dcc58b88b905/*os**-server-external-events *HTTP/1.1"
200 183 _make_request /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/urllib3/connectionp

2015-08-22 00:20:35.550 16812 INFO neutron.notifiers.nova [-] Nova event
*response*: {u'status': u'completed', u'tag':
u'2839ca4d-b632-4d64-a174-ecfe34a7a746', u'name': u'network-vif-plugged',
u'server_uuid': u'092c8bc4-3643-44c0-b79e-ad5caac18b3d', u'code': 200}
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