[Openstack-operators] Tokyo Summit Ops Design Summit Tracks - Agenda Brainstorming

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Wed Sep 2 19:27:11 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Thanks for those who made it to the recent meetup in Palo Alto. It was a 
fantastic couple of days, and many are excited to get started on talking 
about our ops track in the Tokyo design summit.

Recall that this is in addition to the operations and other conference 
track's presentations. It's aimed at giving us a design-summit-style 
place to congregate, swap best practices, ideas and give feedback.

As usual, we're working to act on the feedback from all past events to
make this one better than ever. One that we continue to work on is the
need to see action happen as a result of this event, so please - when
you are suggesting sessions in the below etherpad please try and phrase
them in a way that will probably result in things happening afterward.


Please propose session ideas on:


ensuring each session suggestion will have a result.


The room allocations are still being worked out, but the current 
thinking is that we will interleave general sessions and working groups 
across Tuesday and Wednesday, to allow for attendance from ops in the 
cross-project sessions.

More as it comes, and as always, further information about ops meetups
and notes from the past can be found on the wiki @:


Finally, don't forget to register ASAP!



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