[Openstack-operators] [kolla][announce] Announcing release of Liberty-3 Milestone!

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Wed Sep 2 18:41:28 UTC 2015

The Kolla community is pleased to announce the release of the Kolla Liberty 3 milestone.  This release fixes 90 bugs and implements 16 blueprints!

During Liberty 3, Kolla joined the big tent governance!  Our project can be found here:


As part of the project renames happening in OpenStack Infrastructure, the project will be moving to the openstack git namespace September 11th [1].

Our community developed the following notable features in Liberty-3:

  *   Mult-inode deployment using Ansible with complete high availability.
  *   Ubuntu source building implemented.
  *   Compose support has been removed in favor of a new Ansible framework which supports multinode deployment of all core services.
  *   Implementation of a new compact build tool written in Python which allows for building images which is fully featured.
  *   All docker files were converted to Jinja-2 templates allowing tidy multi-distro support.
  *   Building behind proxy implemented.
  *   Vastly improved the documentation (The documentation still needs a lot of work!).
  *   Improved coverage of stable image builds in gates.
  *   Packaging Kolla with PBR python toolset.

The following services are stable and may be deployed multi-node via Ansible:

  *   glance
  *   hapoxy
  *   heat
  *   horizon
  *   keytone
  *   mariadb
  *   memcached
  *   neutron
  *   nova
  *   rabbitmq
  *   swift

Kolla's implementation is stable and Kolla is ready for evaluation by operators and third party projects. The Kolla community encourages individuals to evaluate the project and provide feedback via the mailing list or irc!

Finally, Kola has a solid crew of reviewers that are not on the core team.  We hope that folks interested in joining the core reviewer team will continue reviewing - we definitely appreciate the reviews!  Our project is highly diverse.  To get an idea for those contributing, check out [2].


- The Kolla Development Team

 [1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-August/073049.html

 [2] http://stackalytics.com/?module=kolla-group&metric=person-day

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