[Openstack-operators] [Neutron] one SDN controller and many OpenStack environments

piotr.misiak at prokonto.pl piotr.misiak at prokonto.pl
Wed Oct 14 22:38:20 UTC 2015


Do you know if there is a possibility to manage tenants networks in many OpenStack environments by one SDN controller (via Neutron plugin)?

Suppose I have in one DC two or three OpenStack env's (deployed for example by Fuel) and I have a SDN controller which manages all switches in DC. Can I connect all those OpenStack env's to the SDN controller using plugin for Neutron? I'm curious what will happen if there will be
for example the same MAC address in two OpenStack env's?
Maybe I should not connect those OpenStack env's to the SDN controller and use a standard OVS configuration?

Which SDN controller would you recommend? I'm researching these currently:
- OpenDaylight
- Floodlight
- Ryu

Piotr Misiak

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