[Openstack-operators] [Neutron][Linuxbridge] Problem with configuring linux bridge agent with vxlan networks

Sławek Kapłoński slawek at kaplonski.pl
Fri Oct 2 20:41:35 UTC 2015


I'm trying to configure small openstack infra (one network node, 2
compute nodes) with linux bridge and vxlan tenant networks. I don't know
what I'm doing wrong but my instances have no connection between
each other. On compute hosts I run neutron-plugin-linuxbrigde-agent
with config like:

# (ListOpt) Comma-separated list of <vni_min>:<vni_max> tuples
# enumerating
# ranges of VXLAN VNI IDs that are available for tenant network
# allocation.
vni_ranges = 10000:20000

# (StrOpt) Multicast group for the VXLAN interface. When configured,
# will
# enable sending all broadcast traffic to this multicast group. When
# left
# unconfigured, will disable multicast VXLAN mode.
# vxlan_group =
# Example: vxlan_group =

# Controls if neutron security group is enabled or not.
# It should be false when you use nova security group.
enable_security_group = True

# Use ipset to speed-up the iptables security groups. Enabling ipset
# support
# requires that ipset is installed on L2 agent node.
enable_ipset = True

firewall_driver = neutron.agent.linux.iptables_firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver

local_ip =

tunnel_types = vxlan

physical_interface_mappings = physnet1:eth1

local_ip =
l2_population = True
enable_vxlan = True

Eth1 is my "tunnel network" which should be used for tunnels. When I
spawn vms on compute 1 and 2 and after configuring network manually on
both vms (dhcp is not working also because of broken tunnels probably)
it not pings.
Even when I started two instances on same host and they are both
connected to one bridge:

root at compute-2:/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/neutron# brctl show
bridge name	bridge id		STP enabled	interfaces
brq8fe8a32f-e6		8000.ce544d0c0e5d	no		tap691a138a-6c
virbr0		8000.5254007611ab	yes		virbr0-nic

those 2 vms are not pinging each other :/
I don't have any expeirence with linux bridge in fact (For now I was always
using ovs). Maybe someone of You will know what I should check or what I should
configure wrong :/ Generally I was installing this openstack according to
official openstack documentation but in this docs there is info about ovs+gre
tunnels and that is what I changed. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and Openstack Kilo
installed from cloud archive repo.

Best regards / Pozdrawiam
Sławek Kapłoński
slawek at kaplonski.pl

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