[Openstack-operators] instances floating IPs not reachable while restarting nova-network

Gustavo Randich gustavo.randich at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 15:48:20 UTC 2015

Hi everybody, (still using nova-network in production... :)

Using nova-network (icehouse), multi-host, FlatDHCPManager

Is it expectable to experience an interruption of various seconds in
instances' floating IP reachability when nova-network is restarted and
repopulates iptables' NAT output/prerouting/float-snat tables?  (IP packets
are not delivered to VMs until iptables forwarding rules are setup)

We don't restart nova-network often, but we have certain cases when we
need(ed) to:

  * nova-network not reconnecting to RabbitMQ (latest oslo messaging patch
mitigates this)
  * configuration changes in nova.conf from time to time
  * sanitary periodic (weekly or monthly) restarts to prevent poorly
understood problems of the past (resource leaks?); will stop doing this due
to NAT downtime

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