[Openstack-operators] Router associated with multiple l3 agents

Matt Jarvis matt.jarvis at datacentred.co.uk
Tue Nov 24 16:25:16 UTC 2015

Hi All

In the last week or so we've seen a couple of customer issues where a
router is associated with more than one l3 agent, which obviously causes
significant connectivity weirdness.

❯ neutron l3-agent-list-hosting-router 951c8ec9-9a6c-4c6d-9d6d-049b3dee7f6f


| id                                   | host   | admin_state_up | alive |


| 48132c36-b6b1-40fa-b9d9-5474f4f27c3a | osnet0 | True           | :-)   |

| c821a370-b301-40c5-8b7b-25d147ffc904 | osnet1 | True           | :-)   |


We've been unable to recreate it in testing, and the API doesn't let you do
that. We think both customers are using Terraform, although that may be
irrelevant. Anyone seen this behaviour before ? We are running Juno BTW.


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