[Openstack-operators] Operators OSOps Monitoring/Tools Working Group - Meeting Notes (11/18/2015)

Bajin, Joseph jbajin at verisign.com
Sat Nov 21 01:44:32 UTC 2015

Meeting Notes - 11/18/2015 - 1900 UTC 
IRC Room: #openstack-meeting-4
  - j^2
  - mdorman
  - klindgren
  - raginbajin
  - balajin

# Pre-Agenda Topics
- Group agreed to update the name of the working group to contain OSOps. 
- Group agreed to use the OSOps wiki page to host notes and other upcoming information 
  - Action Item: j^2 will create a template and a template email to announce upcoming meetings. 

# Meeting Times
- Group agreed the current meeting time of 1900 UTC and odd weeks worked for the group. 

# Coding Standards 
- Group discussed the idea of having Coding Standards to use within the OSOps Github Repos
  - An agreed upon starting point was the nova pep8 settings to atleast get group started. 
  - There wasn't a large need to make process to entailed, just to have basic linting functionality.
  - Action Item: j^2 to determine how to incorporate ZUUL to use pep8 (python|bash) and rubocop linters

# Open Topics:
- Comments/Discussion on Mid-Cycle Email Thread on Operators Mailing List
  - No clear agreement on either a single vs a regional meet-up. 
  - Understand the challenges of each from financial to duplicated discussions with no real work being done. 
  - Belief going back to a 4+1 model instead of a 3+1 model for conference days will allow for less overlap of sessions. 
  - Clear agreement that everyone would like to see more involvement in the Working Groups to help move issues to completion faster.

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