[Openstack-operators] puppet-neutron Neutron::Keystone::Auth/Keystone::Resource::Service_identity Error

Davíð Örn Jóhannsson davidoj at siminn.is
Fri Nov 20 16:02:45 UTC 2015

I'm trying to configure neutron keystone auth (with 6.1.0 branch  of the puppet-keystone module)  on a controller node and I receive the following error message:

Error: /Stage[main]/Neutron::Keystone::Auth/Keystone::Resource::Service_identity[neutron]/Keystone_user[neutron]: Could not evaluate: Execution of '/usr/bin/openstack token issue --format value' returned 1: ERROR: openstack Authentication cannot be scoped to multiple targets. Pick one of: project, domain or trust

root at controller-01:~# /usr/bin/openstack token issue
| Field      | Value                            |
| expires    | 2015-11-20T16:50:56Z             |
| id         | 61fc5710fe1c4bf3898d0fda075b3aed |
| project_id | 64f40bf2fe234f2cb3c9e211f60a1479 |
| user_id    | eed5f078d075415888d4189e5a6b6cef |

Could there be a bug in the module or is it just a misconfig of neutron?

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