[Openstack-operators] Migrating from nova-network to Neutron in Kilo?

Ned Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX) erhudy at bloomberg.net
Fri Nov 20 15:52:17 UTC 2015

Thanks Tom, this looks helpful.

From: tom at openstack.org 
Subject: Re: [Openstack-operators] Migrating from nova-network to Neutron in Kilo?

On 19/11/15 08:38, Ned Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX) wrote:
> Hello operator friends,
> We're laying out our 2016 roadmaps now, and one of the projects the
> Bloomberg cloud team would like to undertake is migrating from our
> legacy nova-network setup to Neutron. Our current networking is pretty
> simple, with tenancies getting /25s carved out from a single large
> subnet for fixed IPs and floating IPs being assigned from another large
> subnet as first-come-first serve. While there's room for improvement, we
> are totally fine with the initial Neutron migration replicating as close
> to the same user experience as possible; our primary interest now is
> just getting to Neutron, then taking on larger overhauls once we're free
> to navigate in the Neutron universe.
> That being said, there's very little material out there on people
> successfully pulling off nova-network to Neutron migrations. References
> on the docs wiki to Neutron migration materials are unfinished and
> mostly lead to some year-old abandoned changes in Gerrit, and Google
> inexorably leads to the same eBay presentation about migrating from
> Folsom nova-network to Havana Neutron+NSX SDN. It has some interesting
> and useful information, but it's also about old releases and involved a
> lot of additional changes (Folsom->Havana, integrating NSX, etc.),
> whereas we're just interested in moving from nova-network to Neutron in
> place on our Kilo clusters and carrying as little else along for the
> ride as possible.
> Therefore, I come to you all to ask for battle stories from anyone who's
> gone up against migrating to Neutron and lived to tell the tale. Do your
> users roundly curse you and speak angrily of the Great Networking
> Betrayal, where you lost all their floating IPs and security groups, or
> are you celebrated as the great warlord who slew the diabolical iptables
> NAT monster and brought peace and stability (and LBaaS) to cloud
> networks everywhere?

I heard NeCTAR used this script 
(https://github.com/NeCTAR-RC/novanet2neutron ) with some success to do 
a live nova-net to neutron, which might have been Juno or Kilo release.

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