[Openstack-operators] Spec Review Time :)

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Fri Nov 20 03:35:11 UTC 2015


In case you were interested in going through specs for your favourite 
project (or feature), many of them are happening around this time.

eg nova is at


and you can find other project repos by changing nova in that URL.

You can login with your launchpad account and make comments. Be sure to 
note you're an op!



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Hi all,

A (late) reminder that today is Spec Review day:

I encourage everyone to help review the specs we still have up for review.
Any questions, as normal, chat in #openstack-nova in IRC.

If you are busy today, or today as already happened and you forgot,
feel free to pick another day in the next few days as your personal
Spec Review day.

Dec 3 is Nova spec freeze, for all specs, priority or non-priority.
There will be a very limited exception process, as normal.
Its likely to only include things that had a +2 before the deadline.

Current nova-spec stats (from reviews.johnthetubaguy.com):
Total Open Reviews: 104
Waiting on Reviewer: 45


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