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Major Hayden major at mhtx.net
Thu Nov 19 15:19:57 UTC 2015

On 11/18/2015 04:19 AM, Jesse Pretorius wrote:
> The current community has done some research into appropriate patterns to use and has a general idea of how to do it - but in order to actually execute there need to be enough people who commit to actually maintaining the work once it's done. We don't want to carry the extra code if we don't also pick up extra contributors to maintain the code.

Should there be a concept of primary and secondary operating systems supported by openstack-ansible?  I'm thinking something similar to the tiers of hypervisors in OpenStack where some are tested heavily with gating while others have a lighter amount of testing.

We might be able to have something along the lines of:

  * Primary OS: Used in gate checks, heavily tested
  * Secondary OS: Not used in gate checks, lightly tested
  * Tertiary OS: Support in WIP state, not tested

Major Hayden

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